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Unleash conversations

In a nutshell

Wathan brings its expertise in providing advice, custom tools and technical solutions to enhance the live experience on Twitch.

Improving the chat-streamer relationship with our in-house tools.

How can we improve on what already exists? We push the boundaries every day to enrich conversations with technology.

Supporting your projects, evaluate your needs and respond to them.


Wathan Games

Wathan Games is a series of interactive games that allow viewers to participate on Twitch and win prizes!

Clip from OBS

What’s coming next ?

Wathan is working on a whole bunch of awesome games that we can’t wait to show you. Complete the following form and we’ll make sure to contact you for the BETA as soon as we’re ready.


Designed as a moderation companion, the “Banishers” bot assists you in keeping your chat safe and friendly. Collective intelligence, coupled with our AI, allows us to anticipate outbursts and toxic behaviors in advance. Viewers will be made responsible for their actions on all the chats they frequent.

Banishers Team

Our moderation team is made up of diverse and experienced individuals. They are a mix of men and women, and they are accustomed to moderating chats of all sizes. They are passionate about their work and strive to maintain a pleasant and safe community for everyone. They are excited to work with you and help you have a positive experience on our platform.


Our CRM tool is designed to help Twitch users better understand their community. It allows users to reward users based on their actions on the platform or offline, which can help broadcasters identify the most loyal and engaging members of their community. Our tool is compatible with existing CRM systems, which makes it easy to integrate into your loyalty strategy.


We are constantly looking for innovation on Twitch to improve the user experience. Each project is unique, as it is the case for each community of viewers. 

Editorial help? The most important show of your year? Small or very large budget? Technical direction? Our teams put their experience at the service of your goals.



Live streaming is a special format. How do you do it? What to offer? We help you deliver your content in the right way.


Do you need sporadic or reinforced help?
A moderation team for special event?
A sponsor to finance your project?
We are here to provide solutions.

Trainings B2B

We help you understand Twitch and its communities. Several formulas adapted to your needs.

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